Love that my daughters dad and I can both use the app and all the info is synced so we can see the info on each other’s time. Also super easy to use, love how easy and accessible everything is! The only recommendation I have is to add a “Wet” button. Cause for our potty training method we are doing underwear all day but then diaper at nap and bedtime and when the diapers are wet from that I don’t like to consider it an accident especially so early on in our potty training journey. So it’s nice if she wakes up dry I click dry but if she wakes up wet I’d rather be able to click wet, rather than considering it an accident.


We’re a few weeks along with potty training and it has been a bumpy ride. I hadn’t been keeping a log because I felt like we were doing okay. However, his difficulties at daycare made me realize I needed to start really tracking what was going on over all. This app is really easy to use. I like that I can make an entry with a couple taps and come back later to update with more information

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