Potty Whiz makes it easy to stay on top of your child's potty training schedule with its built-in timer and alarm features. With this powerful tool, you can:

Set Potty Break Reminders ⏰

The app allows you to set a potty training timer that reminds you when it's time for your little one to take a potty break. Simply set the desired interval between potty visits, and Potty Whiz will send you a notification when it's time to go. This feature helps you maintain a consistent potty training schedule, increasing the likelihood of success.

Log Potty Training Activities 📝

Potty Whiz provides a convenient way to log your child's potty training activities directly in the app. You can record events such as:

  • Sitting on the potty 🚽
  • Successful potty visits 💧
  • Accidents 😅
  • Fluid intake 🥛

By logging these activities, you can track your child's progress over time and identify patterns that may help you adjust your potty training strategy.

View Activities on a Calendar 📅

The app presents logged activities in a user-friendly calendar view, making it easy to see your child's potty training progress at a glance. The calendar shows icons for each type of activity, allowing you to quickly identify successful potty visits, accidents, and other important events.

Customize Alarms and Notifications 🔔

Potty Whiz allows you to customize your potty training alarms and notifications to suit your preferences. You can choose the sound, vibration, and snooze options for each alarm, ensuring that you never miss a potty break reminder.

With Potty Whiz's timer and alarm features, you'll have the tools you need to create a consistent, effective potty training routine for your child. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of potty training, and hello to a more organized, successful experience. 🎉