Doggy Time provides a comprehensive activity tracking system to help you efficiently monitor and manage all aspects of your dog's care routine. With the in-app calendar, you can:

Easily Log Daily Activities

The app enables you to quickly record a wide range of dog care activities, such as:

  • Giving treats 🦴
  • Accidents 💩
  • Grooming sessions 🛁
  • Potty breaks (pee and poop) 🚽
  • Walks 🦮
  • Playtime 🎾

Simply tap on the relevant icon to log each activity as it happens throughout the day.

View Activities on a Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar view provides a clear, high-level overview of your dog's activities. Each day on the calendar displays icons for the specific activities that occurred on that date. This allows you to easily track patterns, spot irregularities, and ensure a consistent care routine.

Gain Valuable Insights

By regularly logging activities in Doggy Time, you'll accumulate valuable data about your dog's habits and health over time. This information can help you make informed decisions about their care, identify potential issues early, and share relevant details with your vet during checkups.

Doggy Time's user-friendly activity tracking system takes the guesswork out of managing your dog's daily care, empowering you to provide the best possible support for your furry friend's health and happiness. 🐾💖